15th Dec 2020
15th Dec 2020

Part 3

Estates within estates

With a much broader long-term vision in mind, Zimbali Lakes Resort has been developed with homes for all ages and all stages. Within its safe confines, families can choose where and how to live while still benefitting from all that an estate can offer them. Imagine a scenario where a family can live in a freehold home while the elderly relatives and grandparents can live comfortably-catered for with their peers in retirement-centric place? This is now a reality. What’s more, is with small sectional title apartments that are priced right, the potential exists for children leaving the nest to move ‘out of home’ and into their own space. All of this can and does exist with a great expanse of space between each type of opportunity- grandparents can live nearby but certainly not close enough that it would cramp their style. They can find their own space amongst their peers, with their pets with appealing amenities and services geared for the latter stages of life.

Retirement is the new stage of life

The word ‘retirement’ brings to mind some not so pleasant things about getting old, however, that isn’t the case anymore. Many people of retirement age are now asking for more when it comes to where and how they live. Old age homes become passé as developers create estates geared primarily at over 55s, and what’s more interesting is this class of buyer is exerting its power over the market. In South Africa, and especially KZN, the demand for secure and modern retirement living is huge and buyers are calling the shots. People want a place where they can live their own lives, safely, comfortably but surrounded by their peers and with the option to engage in activities and past times at will. Many over 55s are very active and demand that where they live offers them the chance to stay active yet know that when things change there are professional and proper to assist them along the way. Retirement is now a new stage of life, and with that comes the demand for a different type of lifestyle focused on a part of the population who have previously been overlooked.

Live sustainably for longevity

Every South African has had to face the reality of load shedding and water shortages, but with adversity comes opportunity. More and more developments are becoming green and potential buyers are demanding it so. With these challenges very much a part of our lives, the sustainability trend can only gather momentum. Buyers are not only looking to reduce the environmental impact and find respite from the challenges of water and electricity shortages, but they are also looking for ways to live more simply. Living simply starts with reducing your monthly operating costs, and residential estate developers are recognising this need. What results is the inclusion of cleaner, greener energy sources and greener homes.